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Historic Rehabilitation of NEHFES Synagogue Foundation Completed

In a highly successful public/private collaboration, NEHFES and CT SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office) shared the cost of a complicated and marvelous rehabilitation of the remaining stones of the NEHFES synagogue foundation. Based on a work plan devised by HPI, or Historic Perspectives, Inc of Westport, CT, Derek Pepin of Derek Pepin Masonry completed a methodical repositioning of the remaining stones of the NEHFES synagogue foundation in October 2021. This was not a restoration, but rather a historic rehabilitation that had to adhere to strict national archaeological preservation criteria.

The project required the collaborative input and guidance of Catherine Labadia, Preservation Officer at SHPO, Faline Fox of HPI, NEHFES President Nancy R. Savin, based on personal memory and photographs, and the dedication and amazing skill of Gales Ferry, CT mason Derek Pepin and his co workers. The end result is stunning, and well worth the NEHFES members' share ($10.000)!


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