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NEHFES Membership Approves Transfer of Synagogue Site to The Archaeological Conservancy

The NEHFES membership, at its June 6, 2021, annual meeting, took a significant step toward ensuring the long-term preservation of the NEHFES historic site. The membership authorized the transfer of the NEHFES synagogue parcel to The Archaeological Conservancy ("TAC"), a nonprofit organization that acquires and preserves significant archaeological sites in the United States. Since its founding in 1980, TAC has built a nationwide system of more than 500 archaeological sites in order to ensure the survival of the country's irreplaceable cultural heritage. The NEHFES board and membership decided that placing the synagogue parcel in the hands of TAC is the best way to ensure that the site is protected and properly managed in perpetuity.

The parcel to be transferred includes not only the stone remains of the Chesterfield synagogue, but also those of the mikveh and community house. The abutting parcel containing the stone remains of the creamery is owned by the Connecticut Department of Transportation, but it is hoped that, following the rerouting of state roads, that creamery parcel might be reunited with the synagogue parcel in the hands of TAC.

This project to ensure the long-term preservation of the historic site has been led by NEHFES president Nancy R. Savin. It is anticipated that the documents for the transfer of the synagogue parcel to TAC will be finalized, and the transaction completed, later this year.

Following the transfer, NEHFES will retain an advisory role in the management of the NEHFES historic site through its participation in a management committee to be established by TAC.

Additional information about TAC is available on the TAC website.


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