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9th Annual NEHFES Membership Meeting – May 3, 2015

Mary M. Donahue will be the featured speaker at the 10th Annual NEHFES Membership Meeting on May 3, 2015. Mary is an award-winning author and architectural historian. She served for over 30 years as an architectural historian and grants director for the Connecticut State Historical Preservation Office and currently serves as Assistant Publisher of Connecticut Explored magazine. She is a board member of the Jewish Historical Society of Great Hartford and is currently researching a new book on Connecticut’s Jewish resorts. Mary is also an honorary board member of the New England Hebrew Farmers of the Emanuel Society. The topic of her speech will be “A Life of the Land: Connecticut’s Jewish Farmers”.

The annual meeting will be held at the Chesterfield Firehouse beginning at 1:00, followed by refreshments at 2:30, and Mary’s speech at 3:00.

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